Creative Web Design For Your Company – A Step by Step Process

The process of identity design is often taken for granted during business and project development. Ignoring this practice can result in an ineffective creative marketing campaign. The backbone to this process is centered around conceptual development and creative design. Integrating these elements into the development process and creative marketing campaign ensures that a number of critical issues are addressed. Producing a great website requires the successful conceptual development and a big picture approach to the overall project.Brainstorming: The first step in the creative design process is to ask yourself and colleagues the following questions:1) Who is your target audience?
2) What do you want to say / market?
3) What is your budget / timeline?
4) How will you measure success / failure?Choosing the RIGHT Design Firm: Choosing to contract out creative web design can be a big decision. Making sure you pick the best firm for you can be an extensive process but is worth the time. Here are a few tips on making your choice.1) Communication Is Key – How does the firm handle communication? Are they easy to reach by Phone and E-mail? Are they willing to meet you face-to-face? Are they attentive to your ideas?2) History Tells A Story – Can the firm actually handle your project? Have they completed a project similar to yours?3) The Firm Must WORK For You – Often websites are launched and then forgotten, is the firm willing to help you add to your website and work with you in the long term?Concept Breakout: A concept breakout can act as a rough blueprint for your new website and help communicate your ideas with your creative web design firm. This should be built while communicating with your web design firm to make sure you understand all of the options and possibilities for your website.Concept Proofs: Make sure your web design firm provides you with concept proofs before the development process begins. Review the proofs carefully and don’t be afraid to ask questions.Creative Web Design Development: Once the design proof has been approved your web design firm will begin the development process. It’s important to make sure the website is moving in the right direction, but to not rush the project’s development.Usability Testing: It’s not uncommon to find usability issues and bugs after a working draft of the website is published. It’s important to test the website thoroughly before taking it live. The last thing you want is a client uncovering overlooked issues with the website.These are the core elements to creative, organized, and quality creative web design.

Web Design Degrees Are Worthless So Outsource

If you spent the time and money pursuing your dream of one day being a web designer or working hard towards a web design degree, sorry to hear that. The current state of the economy, web industry and international business will not you let enter this market easily. Outsourcing may seem intimidating at first and you might even have a moral conflict with it but you really shouldn’t. What’s happening is the United States is open for business for anyone with an internet connection and the ability to speak English. Since HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript and most other web based technologies have free online tutorials this makes web design one of the most competitive industries ever. Beat the odds and begin outsourcing now.Amazingly, from a project manager’s point of view, web design, development and marketing are very similar to property development.  The article  “Web Property Development” explains how both the web industry and building construction industry are the same just one is digital and the other uses tangible materials. You still need a blueprint, purchase land, get a physical address, setup internal utilities, lay a foundation and structure, do the aesthetics, curb appeal and design, etc. Currently there is no union or organization to help web engineers out so until then online development will remain a DMZ for the cheapest bidder with the lowest cost of living.Your web design degree is not a total scam but… the industry is so new and ever changing that it’s near impossible to find college lessons plans that are up to date. It’s hard to find teachers that can hand code HTML, CSS and the rest of the server-side technologies because of the vast amount of skills it takes to design user friendly GUIs, proper valid HTML code, cross-browser CSS styling, secure PHP and server-side engineering as well as database architecture, Linux skills for the administration side, SEO techniques and about 250+ mission critical and sensitive areas to most projects. You better be good if you want to dedicate your life to this or you might end up looking like a starving artist to your family, friends and possible clients. If your teachers are able to give up to date lesson plans why wouldn’t they be working on $50,000 sites instead of a teacher’s salary? Proof this game is very hard to win in.Outsourcing just might be your only option. One client that is willing to pay $2,000USD for a website normally will require 1-2 weeks of your time if you’re real good. At this rate, you eventually will only be able to handle X amount of projects on your own per month. You begin outsourcing you can now play project manager, hire some talent for cheap and handle up to 5-10 times more projects should your business begin to take off. You also can’t spend forever doing it yourself. When you hit a roadblock during the middle of a project, picking up the book and trying to become an expert overnight on a new technology or protocol is just not feasible and often can result in disaster. Your best money saving and time saving option is to outsource to someone who already has the technology on their portfolio. Do not feel a moral conflict with outsourcing, you will eventually help your country’s economy as you build something that brings in thousands to millions of dollars thus contributing in tax money and hopefully other social, political or economic ways.If you are stuck on a roadblock, outsourcing development, design and marketing is probably the only option you have.  Finally you can get your projects completed within a reasonable budget and time frame. Let us know if you need help, our How to Outsource [] articles are here just for that reason. Good luck and never stop optimizing the process!